Calls From Santa

A great modern alternative to a letter from Father Christmas is are live phone calls from Santa. As well as live calls from Santa, it is also possible to get pre-recorded phone calls from Santa Claus. Whichever type of Santa call you choose, there is no doubt your children will be thrilled by this original Christmas present.

Live Santa Calls

You can really make this Christmas a special one for your child with a live and personal telephone call from Father Christmas.

Live Phone Calls From Santa Claus

This is the world’s only Live Santa Calling Service and a real live Father Christmas will phone your child anywhere in the UK, Ireland, Spain and the USA.

As with letters from Father Christmas, Santa will talk about the Child’s pets, hobbies, a Christmas Wish list and anything else you may like him to mention.

Santa can even call your child on Christmas Eve (subject to availability) or any other time from the 14th December. Each phone call from Santa is individual and highly interactive and Santa will endeavor to coax a conversation out of even the most shy of kids. Remember, this is a service for good kids only!

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Prerecorded Santa Calls

A pre-recorded call Santa is a wonderful alternative to a Live Santa Call and they tend to get booked up very quickly.

The pre-recorded Santa calls are performed by an actor and although they are pre-recorded, the calls are cleverly scripted and performed in such a way that they do encourage a little interaction from your child.

Pre-recorded Phone Calls From Santa Claus

These Santa Calls are perfect for kids up to 9 years old and are both gender and age specific. Most countries are covered by this unique service and Santa will call on the minute on the day you choose.

The operator will ask for your child by name and on pressing 1, Santa will begin his cleverly scripted and magical call, performed by a professional actor.

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